Friday, March 15, 2013

Cultural City Guide of Lyon

As the capital often displays a unique set of features, it fails to represent the country in its entirety. Such is the case of France, where Paris stands out as an independent cultural spot in itself. For tourists wishing to witness pure French culture, perhaps the city of Lyon, and not Paris, is the place for you. In this city where people fully exemplify true French living, you will be sure to get a clear vision of what French really is.
Here is a quick guide in the truly French city of Lyon.

Getting There
Lyon is located a couple hundred miles south of the capital Paris. It's a four-hour drive from the center, but it will take only a few hours if you take the high-speed train. The latter is recommended, as driving in Lyon is not exactly the best idea. Once you're in the city, you can find many Lyon hotels with varying price ranges for you to choose from.
Touring the City
The most popular aspect of Lyon is probably its food. Today, it is considered to be the country's capital of gastronomy. That's why if you're visiting the city, the best cultural experience you can get is still with the food. There are over 2,000 good restaurants for you to choose from in this city and most of them serve fine and authentic French cuisine. So take some time to find your most preferred restaurant and have a great time indulging in a genuinely French dining experience.
You should also visit Vieux-Lyon, the old town, to get a glimpse of the city and its neighboring landscapes. The old town is of course an essential place in itself, as its medieval design and vibe will remind you of what history the city has seen. Nearby, you can also tour the monuments and sites of great cultural and historical significance. There's Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere, Opera National de Lyon, and the Cathedral of St. John, among others. If you're a fan of the arts, you can always catch a movie or a play in one of Lyon's famous cinemas and theaters.