Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fiji: The Island Paradise

The Fiji islands are a group of 333 breath taking tropical islands in the peaceful Pacific Ocean. If you are a sea person then there cannot be a better destination than these spectacular islands that give you a feeling of being all alone and in the lap of nature, with just greenery around, the clear blue sky above and the emerald green waters of the Pacific surrounding you.

Fiji is a paradise on earth and is the ideal tourist destination for those looking to escape the tensions and monotony associated with city life. The only sights that will greet you in Fiji are those of tropical jungles, pristine beaches and clear turquoise waters. You can choose to just relax and get tanned at the beach or indulge in the various activities on offer or do a sightseeing tour of these fantastic islands.

Tourism forms an important chunk of Fiji's economy; as a result it is a destination for all budgets. You can find ample cheap Fiji Holidays Packages that are best suited for budget travelers. These packages take care of all your sightseeing, accommodation, visa and travel needs so you can enjoy a hassle free vacation. Fiji is particularly popular among honeymoon couples as this island paradise has all the ingredients of a romantic destination. Couples can even rent an entire island for themselves here. There are a lot of family resorts too which are kid friendly, so parents too can enjoy a relaxing vacation.

The sightseeing options in Fiji include the Fiji Museum, Bouma National Heritage Park, Kula Eco Park, South Sea Islands, Sigatoka River Safari and the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. Adventure enthusiasts can opt for activities like White-water rafting and kayaking. You can even learn to surf at the Mango Bay Surf School. Besides these, there are also various cruises and sailing options for those who just want to relax and enjoy the calm and clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The islands of Fiji are an ideal travel destination for couples as well as families. A trip to Fiji will relax and rejuvenate you and leave you with wonderful joyous memories.