Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fiji: The Island Paradise

The Fiji islands are a group of 333 breath taking tropical islands in the peaceful Pacific Ocean. If you are a sea person then there cannot be a better destination than these spectacular islands that give you a feeling of being all alone and in the lap of nature, with just greenery around, the clear blue sky above and the emerald green waters of the Pacific surrounding you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Belitung Islands - A Fusion of Culture and Tranquillity

Visiting Indonesia is an experience that is hard to forget and tourists can enjoy the nation's unique and vibrant culture, wondrous tourist attractions and much, much more. Indonesia's beaches are also a very popular attraction on these fun-filled islands, and when one thinks of pristine tropical beaches in Indonesia, the first destination that crosses their mind is Bali. While Bali is truly a beautiful place, for an enjoyable beach excursion out of the norm in Indonesia, the Belitung Islands offer pristine stretches of sand and surf where anyone can relax, a host of museums offering a glimpse of Indonesia's rich history, and intriguing souvenir shops from which tourists can take a part of these beautiful islands home with them.